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Project Chronos – free iBook

Project Chronos is now available as a free iBook, so you can download it to your iPad etc.  Please share the link.



Dear Reader,

My name is David, and I am Heather’s brother.

Heather originally intended to release the document you have just read in late 2012 as a blog, and it’s fair to say that she was equally excited and nervous by the prospect. We had long discussions about whether or not it was the right thing to do – but WikiLeaks (and the more recent NSA leaks) should teach all of us that we have a right to know what our governments are doing with our money.

Heather disappeared on the very night she intended to post the first entry. She hasn’t been seen since.

It is my belief that my sister is dead.

Heather’s laptop and the shoe-box both went missing from her flat the night she disappeared – fortunately, she had given me a backup of her document on a USB stick. I have no idea what the final piece of evidence she mentions was and I have seen the contents of the shoe-box many times – everything in it is part of this document. The media refuse to report her disappearance – a source I spoke to claims they were issued a DA-Notice (a government document requesting the media not to report on a particular story for reasons of national security). On three occasions I’ve come home from work to find that things have been moved in my house – I know it was searched. Furthermore, I have been warned – in the strongest terms – never to discuss Project Chronos or Annie J________.

I finally realised that once the story is out there, I have no reason to fear them.

I post this document in her memory.

I love you Heather.

David x

The Last Item from the Shoebox

A Final Note from Heather

So, there ends my story. Is the diary real? Stephen would of course say that in some universes it is – and in some it isn’t. I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure, as Marcus said in his 1963 letter:

I have received contradictory reports that Annie J________ is alive and well and living in Southern France with ‘an English scientist’. I have also heard rumour that she was snatched by the Russians. To confuse matters more, I have also been told that she is working at Porton Down along with the two scientists who originally developed the technology (Stephen and Conrad, I assume). The fourth possibility is of course, that the diary is not a fake.”

As for what I think? – honestly, it changes every time I read it. It does seem logical that the British or Russians might have faked the diary to cover Annie’s disappearance. But then the other part of me just thinks they would have kidnapped her and not bothered with all the fuss.

Lastly, I do want to tell you why I am (finally) telling this story. Years ago, I showed a friend of mine the shoebox and then in late 2009 he told me that he and his wife were planning to make a film. They asked if they might base the film around Marcus’ research and, knowing I was nervous about publicising the story, they suggested making a fictional film loosely inspired by some of the people and events that preceded the shoebox memorabilia. I agreed, and Ant and Sloane went on to make a film called Dimensions: A Line, A Loop, A Tangle of Threads, which focuses on the 1920s and 1930s part of the story. It wasn’t an easy decision, but after watching them pour their hearts and souls into the film, I have decided to support them by finally sharing the contents of the shoebox. It’s a wonderful film, so please do watch it.

However, before I leave you, I do have one last piece of evidence – by far the most compelling yet.

Read on.

Best regards,

Heather x


Both the movie and the novel versions of Dimensions are now available – you can find out where to get them here –

The Postcard

Dear Annie,

If all goes according to plan, Dr. Arnold S______ should give you this on the 30th May 1953 – over forty years from now. Use the information contained if you desire – after all in some universes you will, and others you won’t.

The solution to the power consumption issue is as follows:


Bohr is all you would imagine, and there are others here that will be pleased to see you.

I suppose if you have got this far then you are beyond trying to understand the paradoxes. Paradoxes are indeed only for those who can only view time as a straight line from point A to point B. I can absolutely confirm Stephen’s prediction that it is so much more. It is ‘a line, a loop, a tangle of threads, a sculpture of dazzling complexity.’

Best of luck,


Annie J__________

The Postcard



31 May, 1953

31 May

I have to admit, I am more frightened than I thought I would be, so took a healthy dose of laudanum to help get me through. I saw Stephen and Conrad briefly, which made me feel better.

The adjustments to the machine were fairly minor – it is funny how the solution is often so much more simple than the problem suggested. It is running well at 100%, with enough power to get me through – I hope. My only concern is the slight flickers of static, but evidence suggests I make a successful journey (in this universe/timeline at least), so I need to take a leap of faith. 

I have set the destination to 1911. I have had the privilege of befriending and working with Stephen, who is one of this century’s greatest scientists. I’d like to continue my quest for knowledge and meet Neils Bohr, who is/was/will be in Cambridge for some of 1911. I wonder if anyone else I know will be there? 

I have a little more preparation on the machine to do, and then I will make my final entry and tell the story of Stephen and Conrad’s experiment.

30 May, 1953

30 May

As agreed all of those years ago, I met Dr. S________ first thing in the morning and he gave me the envelope.

The envelope is addressed to Miss Annie J________, c/o Dr. Arnold S________, University of Cambridge and is postmarked July 11th 1911. It was delivered with a message, asking Dr. S________ to hand the letter over to a Miss Annie J________ early in the morning of the 30th May 1953.

Once I had said my goodbyes to Dr. S________, I cut open the envelope and pulled out a postcard. The solution to the power consumption problem is contained within the text – and it is so obvious, so simple now that I see it. I have taken the liberty of blacking the answer out so nobody else can follow. Dr. S________ is going to release some information about me to the press to throw people off the scent as well.

Of course, I recognised the handwriting immediately.