Dear Reader,

My name is David, and I am Heather’s brother.

Heather originally intended to release the document you have just read in late 2012 as a blog, and it’s fair to say that she was equally excited and nervous by the prospect. We had long discussions about whether or not it was the right thing to do – but WikiLeaks (and the more recent NSA leaks) should teach all of us that we have a right to know what our governments are doing with our money.

Heather disappeared on the very night she intended to post the first entry. She hasn’t been seen since.

It is my belief that my sister is dead.

Heather’s laptop and the shoe-box both went missing from her flat the night she disappeared – fortunately, she had given me a backup of her document on a USB stick. I have no idea what the final piece of evidence she mentions was and I have seen the contents of the shoe-box many times – everything in it is part of this document. The media refuse to report her disappearance – a source I spoke to claims they were issued a DA-Notice (a government document requesting the media not to report on a particular story for reasons of national security). On three occasions I’ve come home from work to find that things have been moved in my house – I know it was searched. Furthermore, I have been warned – in the strongest terms – never to discuss Project Chronos or Annie J________.

I finally realised that once the story is out there, I have no reason to fear them.

I post this document in her memory.

I love you Heather.

David x


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