The Postcard

Dear Annie,

If all goes according to plan, Dr. Arnold S______ should give you this on the 30th May 1953 – over forty years from now. Use the information contained if you desire – after all in some universes you will, and others you won’t.

The solution to the power consumption issue is as follows:


Bohr is all you would imagine, and there are others here that will be pleased to see you.

I suppose if you have got this far then you are beyond trying to understand the paradoxes. Paradoxes are indeed only for those who can only view time as a straight line from point A to point B. I can absolutely confirm Stephen’s prediction that it is so much more. It is ‘a line, a loop, a tangle of threads, a sculpture of dazzling complexity.’

Best of luck,


Annie J__________

The Postcard




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