31 May, 1953

31 May

I have to admit, I am more frightened than I thought I would be, so took a healthy dose of laudanum to help get me through. I saw Stephen and Conrad briefly, which made me feel better.

The adjustments to the machine were fairly minor – it is funny how the solution is often so much more simple than the problem suggested. It is running well at 100%, with enough power to get me through – I hope. My only concern is the slight flickers of static, but evidence suggests I make a successful journey (in this universe/timeline at least), so I need to take a leap of faith. 

I have set the destination to 1911. I have had the privilege of befriending and working with Stephen, who is one of this century’s greatest scientists. I’d like to continue my quest for knowledge and meet Neils Bohr, who is/was/will be in Cambridge for some of 1911. I wonder if anyone else I know will be there? 

I have a little more preparation on the machine to do, and then I will make my final entry and tell the story of Stephen and Conrad’s experiment.


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