30 May, 1953

30 May

As agreed all of those years ago, I met Dr. S________ first thing in the morning and he gave me the envelope.

The envelope is addressed to Miss Annie J________, c/o Dr. Arnold S________, University of Cambridge and is postmarked July 11th 1911. It was delivered with a message, asking Dr. S________ to hand the letter over to a Miss Annie J________ early in the morning of the 30th May 1953.

Once I had said my goodbyes to Dr. S________, I cut open the envelope and pulled out a postcard. The solution to the power consumption problem is contained within the text – and it is so obvious, so simple now that I see it. I have taken the liberty of blacking the answer out so nobody else can follow. Dr. S________ is going to release some information about me to the press to throw people off the scent as well.

Of course, I recognised the handwriting immediately.


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