26 May, 1953

26 May

I went to the farmhouse today – it’s so sad to see it without Jane being there. I poked my head into Stephen and Conrad’s old lab, walked along the river and into the orchard. I sat for a while against an apple tree, drifted off to sleep and had the most wonderful dream.

In my dream, I saw Stephen and Conrad – they must have been about ten years old – chasing each other through the trees. After a few moments, Victoria joined them, her red hair fluttering in the breeze. The three lay on the grass by the well, giggling, while they ate freshly picked apples and berries.

I know it was just a dream, but part of me can’t help feeling that perhaps it was a glimpse through to another timeline – one where the three children are in the midst of an idyllic summer. Perhaps that is what dreams are – momentary glimpses across the divide and into other universes.


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