25 May, 1953

25 May

Charles drove us back up to Cambridge – all smiles and charm. I really think he has no idea I am on to him. We spoke more about infinite universes and I could feel him gently probe to see if he could trip me up. I explained to him that there is a universe identical to this, but perhaps March only has 30 days, or Paris is in Spain. He laughed at the notion, but I think he is beginning to believe that I am not making all of this up to throw them off the scent – I truly believe it to be the case. I wonder when he will show his hand?

I bumped into Dr. S_________ at the university – I saw him briefly at Jane’s funeral but didn’t have much time to chat. He reminded me about the envelope – as if I would forget! 

Xoem bnf S diw h xsvt astyx ow ykiet. Dms brv jqia sayrd (znrvchd?) ob din ozggrehivm tb sbtrr bp a qaht. Uhpi tpklhkq, e exavecak tsu iaf lpehf, n yseg zr Eijtsy. B’ol esvqr zxw hf zsee xuxu U awqn qbfuqryj vx – sxtru fty L vhn’m jx vnw haedkmi nmeimzi glke gji mkilvinwbe qbpd yvvw.


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