24 May, 1953

24 May

As I thoroughly expected, I was allowed a large dose of laudanum last night by Charles. He said that as I had been through such an emotional day, revisiting all those all memories, I deserved it. He has no idea I know he works for MI5. I was suspicious from the moment we met – he just seemed too perfect, too attentive. Of course the ridiculous cock and bull story about being an accountant didn’t help, they really should develop better cover stories for their field agents.

Throughout the night, my questioners flitted in and out of my dreams – but I have no doubt that they were real. I’m sure I told all, but then it’s a win/win situation…I have my precious escape and they have their information. Not that it will do them any good, of course – it’s taken me twenty years to understand what I do of Stephen’s research, and even that is just the surface. I do believe that eventually they will be able to extrapolate and build a machine powerful enough to transmit a human – but by then of course I imagine they will understand the reality of infinite parallel universes.

Of course during questioning I couldn’t possibly have told them how I will achieve running a full-scale (i.e., human) test, as I don’t know how I do it yet. All I know is when.


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