18 May, 1953

18 May

We received another visit from MI5 today – not the usual suits today, but a far more intelligent breed. I’m not sure how (although I am beginning to suspect) but I think they are aware of how far along we are with the experiments. They questioned me on my research, asked where my loyalties lay and told me in no uncertain terms that if my experiments proved successful, I would be expected to do my bit for the country. I could see the possibilities running around my ‘interviewer’s’ mind, and no matter how hard I try to explain that time travel cannot affect events (as stated before – every possible event has, is and will happen somewhere in one of an infinite number of parallel universes), they seem fixated on using my research as a tool.

Of course, if we could travel back through time and change events it would be an incredibly powerful machine. The thought of being able to prevent the Second World War, for example, by sending some sort of time-travelling assassin is appealing – but pure fiction. The science just does not support this sort of interference. Let me explain further…

If our time-travelling assassin could go back to, say, 1930 and shoot Adolph Hitler before he won the war, they would simply move to a timeline in a parallel universe in which Hitler is always shot. In the original universe – a timeline where Hitler wasn’t killed – nothing would change. You see, in some universes Hitler survives, and in others, he is shot. In further universes, he never even existed, or did exist but was a gardener at a nursery near Düsseldorf. Every possible outcome is present somewhere in our collection of infinite universes. 

How do I know this to be the case? Stephen proved it.

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