14 May, 1953

14 May

Charles has asked me to accompany him on a trip next weekend. Usually I work through the weekend, but I am half tempted. I’m sure he just wants to get me into bed (which I’m not adverse to). It just seems like the most inappropriate time possible. Vasi of course thinks I should go – she believes in immediate gratification and damn the consequences. Perhaps. 

Talking about Vasi – she has been a little odd over the last day or so. I have a feeling members of her government have been pressuring her. She’s been very open in the past about this sort of thing and had always told me when they make their little requests. I’m not naïve, I know that intelligence is a hot currency throughout the university and bartered with both British and Russian agencies (and I dare say American, French, et al.). Passing on a useful titbit here and there helps secure grants, equipment and of course lucrative private sector contracts. I’ve never been into that game myself, but my feeling is that if keeping the intelligence services abreast with lines of research can help further that research, it is a trade worth considering. Of course I don’t condone passing secretive information – but most of what is leaked is little more than idle cafeteria banter. I know of course that Vasi has traded information for equipment, but she always asks me first, and we discuss what is innocuous enough to tell them. I fear the rules may be changing though.



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