12 May, 1953

12 May

I saw Jane again this morning, although she was unconscious for my entire visit. I sat with her and spoke of Stephen and Conrad, remembering the good times we all had together.

It wasn’t all work with them – Jane used to use what little money she had to throw glamorous, black-tie fundraising parties. We would decorate the garden and invite as many prominent businessmen and academics as possible. It even worked occasionally – we would get a little money that would keep us in equipment for a few months. That, coupled with the university parts that Dr. S_____ loaned, meant we managed to keep a reasonably healthy level of research going for the first year or so I was with them. Unfortunately, things dried up after that and we were forced to be a little less selective in where we got money and parts. It is no secret that I would have been expelled from the university for ‘borrowing’ equipment, had it not been for Dr. S_______’s intervention. 

Of course being less selective meant we did end up having to consider less scrupulous investors. Stephen was particularly choosey about whose money he would take – anyone who tried to be more than a silent investor was refused. This of course led to friction between he and Conrad, which came to a head the following summer. I’m jumping ahead of myself though, so will leave that thread for later. All I will say is that if you were around at the time and read either the police or newspaper reports, they were most inaccurate.


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