7 May, 1953

7 May

I’ve been strong-armed into accepting a date with Charles. He asked, and I had every intention of refusing, but Vasi persuaded me that I should go out an enjoy myself. We are going to the pictures and then to dinner tomorrow night.

 The machine is operating at 35% at the moment. We have had slight hiccups with the power source and I dare not push it past 35% until we mange to replace the vacuum tubes. No sign of replacements yet, which does lead me to question how we are going to be able to get the thing working (which I am sure we must) in the next few days. I predict that once operating at 100%, we could possibly run tests on small living entities within a year – subject to the availability of certain parts of course. The issue of generating enough power to move larger objects is a tricky one – the technology just doesn’t exist. Either larger power sources need to be developed, or I need a breakthrough in power consumption.

I saw Dr. S__________ this afternoon. He tells me Jane is rather ill and has been admitted to hospital. I’m going to visit her tomorrow morning. She was the only person whom I confided in about my true feelings for Stephen and Conrad.

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