4 May, 1953

4 May

Vasi and I spent the morning refitting parts to the machine. It’s running at about 23% capacity and so far, the results look good. We are planning on running some inanimate object tests in the next week or so. The good news is I know we get at least as far as moving an inanimate object – this afternoon a tiny folded piece of paper appeared in the machine. It had a date written on it, in Vasi’s handwriting.

Although I have no reason to doubt Vasi, the scientist in me insists on at least considering lex parsimoniae. Vasi could simply have placed the folded paper in the machine for me to find, and I would favour that solution until further proof is available. I have a hunch, however, that in the next weeks we will see a successful test.

A lovely bunch of yellow lilies from Charles was delivered just now. How he found out where I work I don’t know, but I firmly believe accountants travel in packs and one of his colleagues probably does the University payroll. Handsome and inquisitive – quite a combination.

Vvq hbtg yj bal rstqxr ljvvx fl xnppw kuj Zmprrklol 13ts Iop.


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