30 April, 1953

 30 April

I met a charming man today – something I can honestly say is a rare occasion in my work/sleep schedule. About my only time away from the lab is spent with Vasi, or occasionally Jane (Stephen’s mother), with whom I meet for tea once in a while.

 I’m quite sure this fellow named Charles thinks that I bumped into him on purpose – after all, it was quite ridiculous. I have a rather bad habit of reading as I walk to work, and this morning had my head buried in a rather good book (‘The Nature of the Physical World’, by Arthur Stanley Eddington) and didn’t notice Charles coming out of the bakery. I knocked his bread rolls for six! He was most apologetic – isn’t it funny how we English apologise for other people. Anyway, I digress. 

Along with Stephen’s theories of infinite parallel universes, he also had an advanced concept of time. On a basic level, imagine drawing two crosses on a piece of paper and a line through them and beyond. One of the crosses could be say, last Sunday and the other next Wednesday. Now, if you simply curve or fold the paper you can quite simply see how easy it would be to move last Sunday along the line past next Wednesday. 


 Stephen taught us that curving dimensions works in exactly the same way as curving the paper. Furthermore, if we agree with the principle that every possible event has, is, or will occur in one of our infinite dimensions, then anything we do when travelling through time cannot affect the future – as every possible future already exists.

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