The Recording

(note: I have had Annie’s surname removed from the recording)


Marcus: I’m interested in the rumours that the Cambridge five, were actually six. Would you care to comment?

Donald Maclean: I don’t really feel that this is what I agreed to talk to you about.

Marcus: Could you confirm, whether or not you knew Annie J______ whilst you studied at Cambridge?

Donald Maclean: I did know Annie, yes.

Marcus: It has been suggested that whilst working on top-secret research into the possibility of manipulating time, Annie J______ was passing her findings on to the Soviet Union.

Donald Maclean: I don’t know anything about that, I’m afraid.

Marcus: And do you have any idea of Annie J______’s whereabouts?

Donald Maclean: I’m afraid I can’t possibly comment.

Marcus: Is she currently in the Soviet Union?

Donald Maclean: No comment.

Marcus: Mr Maclean, have you ever heard of Project Chronos?

Donald Maclean: Project Chronos…I’m sorry, I really must go.

The Envelope



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