Newspaper Report

This is a transcript of the newspaper article (I’ve scanned the article and will upload it). I’ve tried to trace the source, but had no luck. If anyone can shed any light on it, please do. I’ve redacted the names in the article – just in case.

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The British intelligence service has been brought into the hunt for the missing physicist Annie J_______. Miss J_______, who is well respected for her work in the field of quantum mechanics, was last seen ten days ago, at her Cambridge University laboratory.

A former pupil of Dr. Arnold S________, Miss J_______ is no stranger to controversy. As a young student at the university she was said to have been linked to a private entity involved in research into the time-travel. Her contemporaries ridiculed the line of research as fictional and Miss J_______ came close to expulsion from the university.

Throughout her career as both a lecturer and researcher, she is rumoured to have continued along these lines of research under the guise of ‘dimensional theory’. On several occasions other faculty members have called upon the university to cut off her funding, however the highly respected Dr. S_______ is an ardent supporter and has so far managed to derail these attempts. There has been some speculation that perhaps the British Government have had an interest in her work, and possibly aided in keeping funding avenues open for her. 

The story takes an unusual twist in that her laboratory assistant, Miss Vasilisa A, a former student of Moscow University and a citizen of the U.S.S.R., disappeared three days after Miss J_______.

 Security officers have screened Miss J_______ several times in the last few years, yet rumours still abound. The possibility of her defection to the U.S.S.R. is a common topic currently on the Cambridge campuses; however there have also been suggestions that MI5 themselves may be directly involved with the disappearance of both women.

An unnamed University official has suggested a further possibility as to the whereabouts of Miss J_______. He claims that Miss J_______ was prone to ‘flights of fancy’, was rumoured to have been addicted to drugs and is simply ‘meandering the streets in a haze’.


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