27 April, 1953

This is a transcript of the first entry in Annie’s Diary – I will upload a scan of the entry as well. I probably won’t scan all the pages of the diary as it takes ages!

Heather x


27 April page 1 27 April page 2

27 April

 After all these years, why would I finally feel the need to put pen to paper and keep a diary? Surely this is more the territory of a teenage girl then (although I seldom feel it) a grown woman. It smacks of vanity to imagine that my words would perhaps be of interest to others.

It comes in part at the urging of my assistant and friend Vasi. Over long days in the lab and the occasional gin and tonic at The Eagle we have talked about everything under the sun – and plenty that happened under the moon. I see a lot of the younger version of myself in her and perhaps that is why I’ve found my mind turning back to my student days… I think it’s more than that though. As my own work reaches a conclusion, I want to document my experiences – both then and now. It feels important that my experiences and memories of Stephen and Conrad are recorded for others to share, should they so desire. Finally I suppose I am hoping that my words will help explain the actions and choices I have made in my life.

If you are reading this, then I am gone. 


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