Marcus’ Letter (1963)

Marcus’ Letter – TRANSCRIPT


11 July 1963

Dear Guy,

If you are reading this then I fear the worst. What you decide to do with the enclosed information is up to you – but I would urge utmost caution. I’m absolutely sure that my telephone has been bugged and I am being watched. I have received several warnings to drop this story – always by mouth. They are careful to leave nothing that can be traced. 

I am enclosing the last few items that I have left – all of my other research papers were stolen, and it is only pure luck that I had these pieces with me at the time. I shall leave this letter, and the remaining items with my solicitor and request that on the event of my death or disappearance they be forwarded to yourself. I know by rights they should be forwarded to my editor, but my editor is a hack and not to be trusted.

I am absolutely convinced that Annie J_______ was either successful in replicating the 1936 experiments or very close. What I don’t know for sure is if she was stopped before she could actually run the final test. Reading her diary does suggest that she may have succeeded – but I cannot be sure that the diary is not a fake (and indeed I frequently veer between being convinced it is authentic and convinced that it isn’t). During my research, I have come across numerous bits of misinformation that I am sure were planted by the British or Soviet security services.

 Of particular note amongst my stolen papers, was a transcript of a May, 1936 meeting between a senior British official and a prominent Cambridge-based scientist turned businessman – Mr R. H______. The name of the British official had been blacked out by the censors. H______ claimed that, for the right price, he would be able to provide the government with concrete proof that manipulating time is entirely possible. Furthermore, he agreed to furnish a device capable of such manipulations. A postscript note on the transcript suggests that H______ made the same offer to the Germans, probably in an attempt to drive up the price. I cannot find any further information on H______ – he dropped off the radar completely in late 1936. As you know, the late 1930’s were a tumultuous time, so research has proven tricky, to say the least.

 I have received contradictory reports that Annie J_______ is alive and well and living in Southern France with ‘an English scientist’. I have also heard rumour that she was snatched by the Russians. To confuse matters further, I have also been told that she is working at Porton Down along with the two scientists who originally developed the technology (Stephen and Conrad, I assume). The fourth possibility is of course, that the diary is not a fake. 

I imagine you are asking yourself, with so much misinformation, what makes me think I have finally found the story to break my career? The only answer I have, is that the warnings I receive have become more frequent and I firmly believe this is because I am close to finding out the truth about Project Chronos. If you are reading this, then someone has stopped me.

I would pass no judgement on you, should you decide to destroy the contents of this package.

 Warmest wishes, dear friend.



p.s. I am enclosing a photograph from, I think, 1911. It’s little more of a curio (although I would dearly love to believe it is true). It belonged to Arnold S______, who I met once just before he died. He was quite decrepit at the time, but swore blind that the woman in the photograph was Annie J______. Annie wasn’t born until 1913.

Annie J circa-1911


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